The Eroles team – a group of creative change makers with different backgrounds and nationalities connected by a shared inquiry: What does a systemic worldview mean for taking climate action?
As a collective of experimenters, we want to build on this year’s momentum for COP21 by way of a two-month residency fully dedicated to grassroots action for climate justice.

Joining forces for systemic action around COP21, we aim to create a space for true cross collaboration in the summer of this year, in the Spanish town Eroles, where a venue is made available to us thanks to the Eco Dharma network. The Eroles residency will allow for spaciousness to put holistic collaboration in practice, to dive into the systemic narrative around climate justice, and to translate this into a grassroots movement.

MERIDIAN invites you to sink into a mountain of sand and notice the calm settle inside. We've created a space of subtle and constantly shifting connections. Pealing away the layers of time we arrive at the heart of the matter leaving you tingling with a deeper perspective of your physical being.

Find Meridian at Latitude Festival.

Meridian will be in development in the Autumn season at Theatre Delicatessen's new performance space.

And in December 2014 will be Scratching at the BAC during a two week R&D.

More information coming soon...

Discovery at The Poly        Falmouth       2013

You were beckoned into a small white space and heard whispers of a tale of long forgotten loss. You followed a clue left in your shoe, and descend down stairs deep into The Poly's mining past; in dressing room of thoughts and cupboard of anarchic archives you found keys to clues of the buildings captivating tale.

Cross Collaborations, lead by creative director Ruth Cross, is an ever evolving collective of experimenters making site specific experiences for a diverse and adventurous audience.

We make work in collaboration with each other and a site. On this project we worked with local artists, historians, film makers, miners, writers, scientists and performers who collectively co-evolved, co-produced and co-directed the project resulting in an immersive sharing open to the public.


The How:

We allowed the work to emerge during five months of site research and devising, culminating in a final week long residency, and you witnessed the result - The Poly's first ever 'immersive' building wide performance.

We wanted to move away from a conventional vision of sit-down theatre and gallery art towards an experiential event where you the audience were quite literally surrounded by a multi sensory world, and had to use intuition to actively discover the performance for yourself. It was an experiment to see if this method of presenting performance is a more engaging way to learn about the history of a building, telling a larger more meaningful story.


The Why:

The Poly is the UK's first ever Polytechnic. It has been a source of inspiration and a centre of innovation since it was first established by the Fox family in 1835.

We aimed to re-frame the societies original manifesto 'to elicit the inventive powers of the young through advancement of the useful arts’ in a present day context. And, drawing from the buildings past we hope to create an event which will be part of re-imagining the buildings future.

Our main stimulus came from documents and photographs held within The Poly's vast and rambling archive. An archive which contains stories of Cornish life over the last 175 years. We relished discovering this untouched and normally inaccessible information and wanted to create modern responses to celebrate the long history of culture and scientific innovation surrounding this place.
Presentations and long chats with members of the Royal Polytechnic History and Research Society was hugely helpful during this process.

Discovery at The Poly, began in December 2012 and ended with an immersive sharing in June 2013.

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