Disco Ball

Disco Ball is a durational movement installation. It involves one person slowly and silently turning and another interacting with them, through an improvisation score. The installation does not move in space. It explores cycles and the repetitive nature of our daily activities and what it would take to bring about moments of resolve or resignation that would allow us to break them.  Ali Kaviani and Ruth Cross, friends and movement practitioners, draw from their varied histories to explore this premise over years of their lives, coming together to perform and evolve this perpetual solar form for hours at a time. As the performers get older and their lives change the form and cyclic rhythm of Disco Ball correspondingly yet unconsciously transforms.  With desires to brake free, take control, care, nurture, resist, question, fake and surrender.

Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement”.  (Alfred Adler.)


"The living body is a complex network of cathected drives, intensities, energy points, and currents, in which the sensory and motor processes coexist with stored physical memory, codifications with shocks. Every body is multiple: work body, pleasure body, sport body, public and private body, flesh and skeleton". (Hans-Thies Lehman.)


An ongoing collaboration between Ali Kaviani and Ruth Cross

© Ruth Cross 2013

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