How to build a Roundhouse

A poetic solo performance blending physical endurance and exquisite installation.  'How to build a Roundhouse' is playful and provocative yet also subtle and intricate. The scenography, movement and text stem from a powerful and very muddy personal adventure.

Merging experiential deep ecology and performance.

I learnt how to build a round house in the Forest of Dean with course leader Tony Wrench. Alongside this learning, I gave myself various tasks.  These tasks included drawn and writing observations of the natural environment, repeating a structured movement sequence in a different location round the woods each day, improvisation, collecting sound on my zoom, photographing the building process, free writing and noting the impact of working collaboratively in a group.

In April I had a residency at The Performance Centre, Falmouth University. During the week I will reshape and develop this array of collected material with other findings, texts and ideas into a solo performance. 

How to build a Roundhouse was performed at The Performance Centre, Falmouth University on Saturday 11th May 2013.

RUTH CROSS hopes to make another solo performance in 2017, reflecting on and experimenting with her own ‘response - ability’ to the complex situation of forced migration using solo performance.

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