We are currently crowdfunding to turn Post Present Future into a low carbon, high collaboration feature film about people's stories of transition, made to inspire action and active reflection worldwide. Click here to find out more.

Craft a letter to your future self at a Post Present Future writing desk and receive it in the post in five years time, courtesy of Cross Collaborations.

Writing desk installation, Post Present Future, offers you the chance to delight in crafting a letter to your future self. What do you hope to be doing in five years time when your letter arrives in the post? Take this unique opportunity to pour your personal and global concerns, expectations, anticipations and dreams into an envelope and allow Cross Collaborations to postpone its journey back to you by five years.

As an artist/archivist Ruth Cross avidly collects letters written by the pubic to their future selves in writing desk installation Post Present Future. As well as her solo work she facilitates collaborative experiments sparking performance and art explosions. Ruth is the Artistic Director of Cross Collaborations; a feisty collective of artists and performance makers interested in working across visual arts, dance, writing, sonic art, parties, installation and experimental immersive theatre. They use site based locations to conjure unique experiences for audience. Passionate and about making work that responds to the chaotic world we live in, they devise from found objects, food and letters collected in Post Present Future. They aim to amuse, delight and transport.

© Ruth Cross 2017

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