Translucence is the first in a series of installed works in response to 'Post Present Future' an ongoing letter project. Over the last four years, Post Present Future has taken me, a writing bureau and a multitude of letter writing equipment around the length and breadth of the UK and through Belgium, collecting letters written by the public to be sent to their future self in five years time.

I will soon be busy posting the 4,500 letters I have collected to addresses all over the world. But before these letters take flight I am curious as to how these can be used as inspiration for making intimate performance and installation works. 

One hundred of the letters, written by people of many ages and nationalities, are displayed visually and sonically in a site responsive installation here at The Performance Centre this evening.  They are trapped in motion, suspended in transition between the past and the future. The transparency represents each writers fragile (im)possibilites in materialising their past words into actions in the present once opened.

Sitting at the bureau, where thousands of people have contemplated and written, you are invited to reflect on your life and capture a vision for your future self in a letter to receive in the post in 2018. 

This evening is the launch of a desk designed and made by 3rd year 3D Design student Kai Venus, commissioned by Cross Collaborations for Post Present Future.


Many thanks to the collaborators who contributed their voices and helped install; and to the Graduate Pre Incubation Award which has made the development of this work possible.

photo by Caden Lovelace
photos by Delia Spatareanu - click for larger image.

© Ruth Cross 2013

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